Out with the old and in with the new

U.S. Coffee has been through an extensive renovation this year. We have done some spring cleaning and redid the first floor of our office building! We always strive to give the best quality service out there and we pride ourselves on that. Along with giving excellent customer service, we wanted to provide a work environment that will foster this ideology. ... Read More »

U.S. Coffee celebrating Earth Day!

Did you know that every day, office break rooms produce enough waste to circle the equator? U.S Coffee is here to help your facility take the right steps to go green and make environmentally responsible choices. U.S. Coffee, a local family-owned business for 40 years, has been praised for its eco-friendly practices and efforts to become more environmentally conscious. Here ... Read More »

Global Employee Health & Fitness Month


Did you know that May is Global Employee Health & Fitness Month? It is an international and national observance of health and fitness in the workplace. It is essentially a call to action to make sure employers and their employees know the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. This is done so by promoting worksite health activities and environment. A healthy ... Read More »

Introducing Lavit- The Cooler Water Cooler.

US. Coffee is proud to introduce Lavit. This single serve water cooler will not only refresh your senses but rejuvenate your whole office. Lavit started with the ideology that there has to be a new way to drink cold beverages. A way that is better for the consumer and the environment. Thus, came forth the idea to create the first ... Read More »

4 Ways Coffee Makes You a Better Employee

Did you know that coffee can make you a better employee? Now your boss has no excuse but to let you go on that coffee break. Coffee has become a universal language amongst java lovers. Forget the fact that almost everyone these days drinks coffee. It has become a social thing that can help you meet new people and even ... Read More »

Throw a Valentine’s Day Party to Remember at Your Office


Calling all lovebirds – Valentine’s Day is almost here! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! It is time for everyone to do last minute shopping or even plan how to celebrate with friends or significant other. When it comes to your work celebration, U.S. Coffee has you covered. U.S coffee has all your Valentine’s Day office celebration needs. U.S. Coffee is one ... Read More »

Even Vice President-Elect Mike Pence Drinks US Coffee


We may not all agree on politics, but one thing we can all agree upon is the need for a full-bodied cup of coffee to start each day! Even Vice President-Elect, Mike Pence, recognizes the need for delicious coffee from US Coffee, as evidenced by the photo he tweeted of himself sitting with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger during ... Read More »

US Coffee Introduces Starbucks’ New Line of Freshpacks for Flavia Brewers


US Coffee is introducing a new line of Starbucks Freshpacks for Flavia brewers, which includes blonde, medium and dark roast coffee. Starbucks blends now available for Flavia brewers include Veranda Blend, Pike Place Roast and Caffe Verona. The new addition of Starbucks to the Flavia family, a subsidiary of MARS drinks, is consistent with their commitment to deliver taste and ... Read More »