Cold Brew Coffee On The Go Now Available from Wandering Bear

We have some exciting news for cold brew coffee lovers! Wandering Bear cold brew, known for their freshly roasted coffee made with cold, filtered New York City water, has created a new cold brew line for those on the go. The new Wandering Bear Cold Brew Coffee on the Go drinks are now available at US Coffee, which should give your ... Read More »

How to Clean Your Keurig Brewer

The Keurig brewer has brought convenience to offices large and small for decades now, and it’s no surprise these single-cup brewers have become a staple in office break rooms. Many employees get their daily caffeine fix by popping a K-Cup into the Keurig, which is all fun and games until someone has to clean it! In order to get the freshest ... Read More »

MIT Scientists Discover What Happens When Cream Hits Your Coffee

Ever wonder why the moment cream hits coffee it appears to float? A group of MIT scientists have figured it out, which opens the door for more research of its kind in the future. The researchers have concluded that once cold cream is poured into a hot cup of coffee, the change in temperature makes the cream levitate. Researchers recorded ... Read More »

Drinking Up to 4 Cups of Coffee Can Do a Body Good

More good news for coffee lovers. Findings from 200 previous studies about coffee have determined drinking coffee can impact our health positively by lowering the risk of premature death, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease, depression, dementia, some cancers, type 2 diabetes and liver disease, according to a study published in The BMJ British Medical Journal. Spanish researchers studied 20,000 people and found ... Read More »

Limited Edition Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice K-Cups Are Back!

As summer winds down, we have the perfect place to buy your first pumpkin spice flavored coffee of the year – right here at US Coffee! Our limited edition and seasonal Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice K-Cups are back in stock just in time to get excited for the changing seasons. Green Mountain’s Pumpkin Spice coffee is an office favorite in ... Read More »

Studies Proving Coffee’s Health Benefits On The Rise

Studies have been increasingly proving the health benefits coffee can provide in a variety of ways, including cancer prevention, decreased diabetes risk, chronic pain and overall psychological well-being. Researchers have started to focus on these health benefits associated with coffee in recent years, which is great news for coffee drinkers around the world. As a coffee service provider, offering companies ... Read More »

US Coffee Takes on For Five Coffee Roasters in Queens

Recently, US Coffee had the chance to tour For Five Coffee Roasters, a micro-roasting facility based in Queens, NY. For Five Coffee was founded in 2011 by a pair of best friends and Queens natives, who take pride in in sourcing, cupping, roasting, importing and distributing coffee, while also supplying equipment and providing tech services. While there, we got to watch ... Read More »

Even Vice President-Elect Mike Pence Drinks US Coffee

Even Vice President-Elect Mike Pence Drinks US Coffee

We may not all agree on politics, but one thing we can all agree upon is the need for a full-bodied cup of coffee to start each day! Even Vice President-Elect, Mike Pence, recognizes the need for delicious coffee from US Coffee, as evidenced by the photo he tweeted of himself sitting with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger during ... Read More »

US Coffee Introduces Starbucks’ New Line of Freshpacks for Flavia Brewers

US Coffee Introduces Starbucks’ New Line of Freshpacks for Flavia Brewers

US Coffee is introducing a new line of Starbucks Freshpacks for Flavia brewers, which includes blonde, medium and dark roast coffee. Starbucks blends now available for Flavia brewers include Veranda Blend, Pike Place Roast and Caffe Verona. The new addition of Starbucks to the Flavia family, a subsidiary of MARS drinks, is consistent with their commitment to deliver taste and ... Read More »