US Coffee Introduces Vivreau Water Systems

Looking for a water system for your office that provides high-quality table water in an environmentally friendly way? Look no further than the Vivreau Water System! Instead of traditional bottled water, the Vivreau Water System uses glass bottles and Vi Taps to help companies make better, more responsible water choices. US Coffee has teamed up with Vivreu, an industry leader ... Read More »

Introducing Lavit- The Cooler Water Cooler.

US. Coffee is proud to introduce Lavit. This single serve water cooler will not only refresh your senses but rejuvenate your whole office. Lavit started with the ideology that there has to be a new way to drink cold beverages. A way that is better for the consumer and the environment. Thus, came forth the idea to create the first ... Read More »

Introducing US Coffee’s New Cold Beverage Systems Bevi & Lavit

Introducing US Coffee’s New Cold Beverage Systems Bevi & Lavit

US Coffee is proud to introduce the availability of two cutting-edge cold beverage systems for your office, the Bevi water dispenser and the single serve cold beverage dispenser Lavit. Each cold beverage system offers a refreshing option for your office, featuring sustainable hydration selections for all employees. Bevi Bevi’s water dispenser provides unlimited plain, sparkling or flavored water all day in ... Read More »

Our Water Services is a Refreshingly Healthy Feature for Your Staff

No matter the time of year, never underestimate the negative and dangerous impact dehydration could have on your employees. In fact, it is even more likely to dehydrate quicker in the cooler seasons than the warmer ones. Many people naturally drink less water when it is cooler out. Not only does this pose a potentially dangerous health risk, it could ... Read More »