Employees Love Starbucks Blonde Veranda K-cups

Starbucks Blonde Veranda K-cupsStarbucks Blonde Veranda K-cups – a refreshing change from the heavy, dark roast variety of gourmet coffee, Blonde Veranda is a lighter, milder, full bodied blend that hits its mark in terms of the perfect daily pick-me-up at the office, without that watered down taste of some of the other lighter varieties of coffee.

Your employees will appreciate the availability and convenience of Starbucks Blonde Veranda K-cups, especially paired with their favorite break time treat. This variety of coffee is known for its smoothness, and reviews have noted that it’s non-acidity is very helpful in a sometimes stressful work environment.

In addition to K-cups, Starbucks Blonde Veranda coffee is offered in whole bean and ground, adaptable to any style office coffee maker. Order a quantity today at a great price from US Coffee.

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