Out with the old and in with the new

U.S. Coffee has been through an extensive renovation this year. We have done some spring cleaning and redid the first floor of our office building!

We always strive to give the best quality service out there and we pride ourselves on that. Along with giving excellent customer service, we wanted to provide a work environment that will foster this ideology. Therefore, our office was given a brand new face lift.
Gone were the old cubicles and in came new desks, chairs, and accessories that foster an open floor plan. To brighten up the office we got ride of the old tiles.  Next, a gorgeous dark wood floor was installed and brought together the ambiance of the room.

renovation picrenovation2
Now what type of coffee company would we be if we didn’t have the best coffee bar? On top of a new granite bar we have an extensive array of drink options. We have an espresso machine, Keurig, Starbucks coffee machine, Bevi, hot chocolate, and even a fruit stand! It is a nice treat for everyone who works in the office or who comes to visit. Not to mention, it always smells delicious.18274697_1650353688327955_6349864034955369944_nEveryone at the office is happy and excited with our new work space. Give us a call and contact us! We are ready to help you with all your coffee and office supplies needs.

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