US Coffee’s Healthy Snacks Program

US Coffee’s Healthy Snacks Program

      US Coffee’s Healthy Snacks Program is the perfect solution to keeping on track with a healthy diet while at work. The numbers don’t lie – over 65 percent of employees want healthy snack options. Instead of mindlessly snacking on unhealthy foods at work, US Coffee provides a convenient, hassle-free way to get healthy snacks directly delivered to ... Read More »

Drinking coffee tied to lower risk of death

Drinking coffee tied to lower risk of death

A new study conducted by The Oxford Journal revealed coffee drinkers are less likely to die of heart disease and other ailments, as compared to non-coffee drinkers. Dr. Erikka Loftfield of the National Cancer Institute in Rockville, Maryland conducted the study over a10-year period and founded these results. With no change for decaf drinkers, the study found the more coffee ... Read More »

Coffee Legend Award

Coffee Legend Award

Honoring the Memory of Lowell Shindler with the Coffee Legend Award Lowell Shindler passed away in 2012, and is being honored for all of his dedication to the Coffee Service Channel for his entire 44-year career in the coffee industry. National Automatic Merchandising Association’s Chair Howard Chapman will present the award to Douglas Shindler, Lowell Shindler’s son during the NAMA’s ... Read More »

How to Trim Down on Your Coffee Costs

A cup of coffee each day is a revitalizing ritual for many Americans, but after a while this can become a very expensive habit. We will not even begin to mention the hassle of waiting in line at bistros and cafes for your favorite cup of brew. Sadly, so many Americans will waste countless dollars and valuable time they could ... Read More »

City of Saints Cold Brew Kegs

Now you can enjoy ice cold and freshly-brewed coffee on tap with the City of Saints Cold Brew Kegs! You may be thinking, coffee in a keg? Trust us, you have never experienced iced coffee so cold, fresh and refreshing. We are thrilled to be able to provide your office with this exquisite iced coffee on draft. City of Saints ... Read More »

Why You Should Encourage Your Staff to Take Coffee Breaks

Many employers, obsessed with productivity, and do not see the benefits of letting employees spend time not working during the day. In fact, the coffee break is an essential part of a productive and forward-moving company.  Even though coffee breaks are not as popular as they once were, here are some reasons why coffee breaks can really raise morale in ... Read More »

Dunkin Donut K-Cups

Now you can supply your office with America’s favorite coffee, and offer your staff the convince of a Keurig quick brew coffee with Dunkin Donut K-Cups. Dunkin Donut K-Cups are available in four fine K-Cup selections, Original Blend, Dunkin Decaf, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut. Original Blend Dunkin Donut K-Cups –This medium roast is a classic. Ideal for accompanying your favorite ... Read More »

Apple Pay

iPhone Vending It’s 3pm at the office and you are starving. As you head for the vending machine, you reach into your pocket only to find your phone and some pocket lint. Your heart begins to have that sinking feeling, and you begin to look around at your co-workers to see who would lend you their spare change. Well, here ... Read More »

Urnex CleanCup Kcup Cleaning Solution

The Urnex CleanCup kcup cleaning solution is the best way to keep your office Keurig brewer free of harmful bacteria. Think about it, your office Keurig brewer makes a ton of gourmet coffee and tea. Keurig brewers are a leading choice among offices across the United States, because they are so simple to use and offer a wide beverage selection. ... Read More »

Cleaning your Single Serve Brewer at the Office

How clean is your office single serve coffee brewer? Think about it for a second, your office single serve brewer brews a lot of coffee every day, but when was the last time someone cleaned it? This is a question posed by many coffee guzzling employees, and eventually put to the test by KDKA –TV in Pittsburg. KDKA -TV did ... Read More »