Cleaning your Single Serve Brewer at the Office

How clean is your office single serve coffee brewer? Think about it for a second, your office single serve brewer brews a lot of coffee every day, but when was the last time someone cleaned it? This is a question posed by many coffee guzzling employees, and eventually put to the test by KDKA –TV in Pittsburg. KDKA -TV did ... Read More »

Limited Edition K-Cups for Spring

Just in time for spring: Limited Edition K-Cups Ah, Spring! We thought it would never arrive. Here at US Coffee, we are embracing the new season with the return of our limited edition K-Cups of gourmet coffee, and a few favorite herbal teas, from our assortment. Treat your hardworking staff to some of the selections listed below. Green Mountain Island ... Read More »

Five Local Soccer Clubs Five Questions For 2009 Seattle Wolves Fc

When we first arrived in Raleigh in is a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey good idea portion of the Greenway we were aware of was the wholesale baseball jerseys two mile hike around Shelley Lake. In nfl cheap jerseys paypal other neighborhoods around town people were only aware of the neighborhood loops. Many less ambition trails existed, than the two mile hike ... Read More »

Two Leaves and a Bud Herbal Tea

Specialty Tea Your Whole Staff Will Love: Two Leaves and a Bud Herbal Tea Two Leaves and a Bud herbal teas are a tasty addition to your staff room beverage options. Both organic and caffeine free, herbal tea is a healthful, relaxing, tasty choice for your break time pick-me-up. Organic Orchard Berry: This delightful combination of fruit, flowers, and herbs ... Read More »

Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

It’s no surprise that in our health conscious society, varieties of herbal tea and specialty tea have become popular beverage alternatives. Although the methods of developing the tea are similar, herbal tea isproduced by infusing the florals, herbs, fruits into the steeping tea and brewing until the flavors become one. Created from natural and organic sources the benefits of drinking herbal tea are numerous. A sounder mind and ... Read More »

Peets Coffee by Flavia

Peets Coffee by Flavia – a marriage made in heaven, two premium brands of gourmet coffee have become one! Treat your employees to the creative blends that these admired coffee companies have have shown to be the most popular. Columbia Luminosa – Give your workers a treat with a balanced and bright cup of coffee. Considered a light roast, this ... Read More »

Employees Love Starbucks Blonde Veranda K-cups

Starbucks Blonde Veranda K-cups – a refreshing change from the heavy, dark roast variety of gourmet coffee, Blonde Veranda is a lighter, milder, full bodied blend that hits its mark in terms of the perfect daily pick-me-up at the office, without that watered down taste of some of the other lighter varieties of coffee. Your employees will appreciate the availability ... Read More »

Quality Office Furniture at a Reasonable Price

Belying our name, more and more businesses are realizing that as well as providing coffee services, we are suppliers of furniture for the office, vending machines for lease, and water cooler installation. A full service company, US Coffee may ease your transition into a new location, or simply offer you discount office furniture when you need to modernize your working ... Read More »

The Benefits Of Coffee

Everyone knows that more than the water cooler, coworkers migrate toward the office coffee pot, where they gather to enjoy a bit of socialization with fellow employees, or simply take a breather from a tedious office task.  Many people do not know, however, that there are benefits of coffee drinking, a few which may surprise you. According to a Dutch ... Read More »