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Real people, Real Experiences with the Lavit Water Cooler

Real people, Real Experiences with the Lavit Water Cooler

We’re thrilled to see real people explain their real experiences with the Lavit Cold Beverage System, available right here at US Coffee! Above is a testimonial video from the Timberland office, during which they rave about the healthy, eco-friendly, cost effective and socially responsible beverage system. Lavit is a single cup cold beverage company that offers healthy, still and sparkling ... Read More »

Introducing Lavit- The Cooler Water Cooler.

US. Coffee is proud to introduce Lavit. This single serve water cooler will not only refresh your senses but rejuvenate your whole office. Lavit started with the ideology that there has to be a new way to drink cold beverages. A way that is better for the consumer and the environment. Thus, came forth the idea to create the first ... Read More »

Apple Pay

iPhone Vending It’s 3pm at the office and you are starving. As you head for the vending machine, you reach into your pocket only to find your phone and some pocket lint. Your heart begins to have that sinking feeling, and you begin to look around at your co-workers to see who would lend you their spare change. Well, here ... Read More »

Food Vending Services

Find Selections on Food Vending Services Your Whole Staff Will Love Busy work days make it hard for employees and managers to sit down and enjoy a meal. In fact, more often we are finding that some employees go without eating until after their work day is completed, and that is not about choice on their part. The truth of ... Read More »